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Ron Paul Army Feels Itchy and Scratchy

You probably didn’t know it, but those airplane contrails you see up in the sky are part of the government’s plan to infect you with a nasty skin disease. Many Ron Paul supporters have been wise to this government conspiracy for a while now, including Dave Von Kleist (above), who was just added to the bill for the RonPaulapalooza blowout scheduled for this summer.

In addition to composing this truth-exposing anthem about the government’s nanomicrobes, Von Kleist has also produced a devastating documentary that lays bare the government’s complicity in orchestrating the 9/11 attacks. Von Kleist joins Poker Face on the RonPaulapalooza slate, a band that loves the rock group Boston but hates the “Satanic Jews” who “need to be cleansed from our planet.”

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