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Ron Paul’s Rhyme Scheme

RON DMC Prince Paul (Photo: Getty Images)
When most people think of Republican musical inclinations, images of Brooks & Dunn or the cheeseball quartet known as the Singing Senators may be the first to come to mind. Speaking as a former Republican politico, my most memorable GOP musical event occurred in the American Legion Hall on Capitol Hill, when then-Rep. Joe Scarborough (now MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”), with his hat on backwards, rocked a booze-lubricated fundraiser with an inspired cover of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.”

But this was all before the Ron Paul Revolution. While some will dispute the Republican-ness of many Paul supporters, they are nevertheless adding a significant and unexpected new dimension to the Republican race with their ardent support for Dr. Paul—and their mesmerizing rap videos.

As for Paul himself, he told Time that while he definitely isn’t down with the rap game, his supporters may be onto something: “The last thing I would listen to is rap. But there’s something going on when there’s a rap song about the Fed.” After the jump Radar takes a look at some Ron Paul rap vids.

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