Ron Paul Backers Celebrate Rudy Stomping


Usually people don’t get too fired up about finishing fifth in a seven man race. But Ron Paul was clearly psyched last night, mostly because he finished ahead of his nemesis (and frequent debate antagonist) Rudy Giuliani in the Iowa caucus by a score of 10 percent to 4 percent. And he made sure to use the trouncing as an opportunity to tell everyone in his own polite, grandfatherly way that Giuliani could go fuck himself.

“I think the evening went well,” Paul told his gathered supporters in Des Moines last night. “Nobody made any rash predictions, but I know we didn’t come out at the bottom and I know we beat that Giuliani guy!” Supporters cheered enthusiastically, undoubtedly recalling Giuliani’s self-righteous scoldings of Paul regarding a little thing he likes to calls 9/11. To more cheers, Paul then asked “Wonder if they’re going to ask him if he’s gonna drop out tonight!”

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