The Bailout: A Communications Breakdown


So that bailout, huh? Well, if you’re interested in reading about how it should have been handled, why not read Republican PR hack Ron Bonjean‘s take on the matter in today’s Politico? The piece has been deemed “essential” and “brilliant” by influential Time political blogger Mark Halperin, and with good reason: as some of you political junkies might recall, Bonjean earned his crisis management spurs as the crafty spin doctor who presided over Trent Lott‘s spectacular PR implosion in 2002 that cost him his job as Senate majority leader, and also as the guy who helped Speaker Denny Hastert very effectively quell concerns about Republican leaders possibly knowing that Mark Foley was a page-screwing pervert in 2006. If there’s anyone who’s earned a right to pontificate about how other pols have mishandled their embarrassing disasters, it’s this guy.

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