Real Christians for Romney

CUP AND PUMP Romney (Photo: Getty Images)

Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery made waves Thursday with his near-endorsement of Mitt Romney, but he also made it clear that the religious right is not going to forget the governor’s Mormon-y leanings. “Mitt Romney has acknowledged that Mormonism is not a Christian faith,” said Minnery during a webcast profiling the presidential candidates, “and I appreciate him acknowledging that.”

And there’s the rub: While Romney is slippery enough to have privately promised Minnery that his first act as president would be building an 11-foot wall around Provo and placing the BYU football team on indefinite probation, the governor has never actually said Mormons are not Christians. In fact, over the course of the campaign, Romney actually has taken a firm-for-Mitt stand against those who bash his church.

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