Rolling Stone Owner a Global Warmer


Like a lot of his Hollywood friends, Jann Wenner professes a keen concern about global warming. Also like a lot of his buddies, Wenner likes to zip around the globe in a private jet. Does that make him a hypocrite? You be the judge!

This summer, Wenner reportedly plans to split his time between Europe and his vacation home in the Rockies. The rumor around Rolling Stone‘s offices has the boss, who’s known for taking long holidays, only spending two weeks on the job between now and Labor Day. Having returned from an idyll in Greece for his son’s wedding , the wee mogul is off to Sun Valley, Idaho, for a spell, presumably in the company of his boyfriend, Matt Nye, and their one-year-old son. Assuming he only makes one round trip in each direction, that’s a total distance of around 14,000 miles.

[Full map after the jump!]

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