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‘Roid-y Andy Pettitte Writes the Book on Integrity


Pride of the New York Yankees Andy Pettitte sure has an interesting hobby for someone just outed in a 404-page document as one of 86 past and present steroid users: He travels the country lecturing kids against drug use and premarital sex [emphasis ours]. It seems Pettitte is such a righteous dude that he even wrote a whole book on the subject!

A must read for fans, addicts, and investigators alike, Strike Zone: Targeting a life of Integrity and Purity—if the steroid charges are proven true—is Pettitte at his hypocritical best. “While life as a big league baseball player has brought Andy Pettitte fame and accolades, it has also brought with it temptation,” says a description for the book on Amazon. “However, Andy learned to deal with temptation long before he donned his first major league uniform. While still a teenager, Andy committed himself to Christ and a life of purity. With his target identified early on, he has been able to hit the strikezone throughout his life.” That’s one way to spin it!

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