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Macacawitz and Me

Watch in horror as a member of George Allen‘s staff attacks a man who approached him and asked a question during a campaign stop in Virginia. According to the Associated Press, the victim’s name is Mike Stark, a “liberal blogger and first-year University of Virginia law student.”

He’s a KOSak—meaning not that he’s a Russian tribesman but that he’s a contributing member of liberal oasis the DailyKos—he keeps a diary there. At about 11 a.m. PST today, Kos (Markos Moulitsas Zùniga himself) commented on the Macaca attack, saying, “Our very own Mike Stark was attacked by Allen campaign staffers.”

The offensive question: “Why did you spit on your first wife?” according to Wonkette, a Washington, D.C., gossip blog. It’s a reference to a rumor about what exactly is alleged in Allen’s sealed divorce records.

In a letter to the television station that recorded the attack, Stark identifies himself as a Marine, demands that Allen fire the staffer who tackled him, and adds:

I also want to know why Senator Allen would want his staffers to assault someone asking questions about matters of public record in the heat of a political campaign. Why are his divorce records sealed? Why was he arrested in the 1970s? And why did his campaign batter me when I asked him about these questions.

On Stark’s own site yesterday, he posted that he was going to “‘Roger and Me‘ George Allen whenever I can.”

In fairness, Michael Moore would have been harder to take down.