Is Rock of Love’s Daisy the Next Neil Strauss?

UNPICKED DAISY De la Hoya (the coke, like the breasts, is fake)

Rock of Love 2 might be all over but for the reunion catfight, but runner-up Daisy De La Hoya (yeah, she says she’s related to fighter Oscar) still has plenty to spew. In an interview with website Fancast, she talks about her numerous forthcoming appearances, many of which are accompanied by a prime-rib buffet, we’re betting, and some of the unseen, raunchiest (Ranchiest) scenes left on the show’s sticky cutting room floor.

She’s working on a book, too—not just reading one, writing one. It’ll be a tell-all that reveals all of the behind-the-scenes moments in the show you’ll likely have forgotten about by the time it comes out (unless there’s a Rock of Love 3, in which Daisy says she’d gladly participate). She adds: “I’ve enlisted some advice from a well-known writer named Neil Strauss who did Mötley Crüe’s book.” She, too, is a student of Mystery‘s maestro.

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