Robin Williams’ Wife Seeks Comic Relief

SOBBIN’ WILLIAMS “Gooood moooornin’, your honor!,” Marsha, Robin (Photo: Getty Images)

Rough Patch: Marsha Williams, who met Robin Williams as the nanny for the comedian and his previous wife, has filed for divorce from the rainbow suspendered Mork and Mindy star after 19 years, citing the ever-popular irreconcilable differences. And backhair. So much backhair.

Slippery when wrecked: Proving that the six string on his side isn’t the only thing loaded, Richie Sambora who went to rehab two times in 2007, was arrested Tuesday night for DUI in Laguna Beach. Supposedly, his daughter with former wife, Heather Locklear, was also in the car.

Baby boomers not selling baby: An Oregon couple says they are not amused by a sick joke that listed them as selling a baby for $1,000 on Craigslist because they were out of tweak. (You know it as meth.) In an ironic twist, the couple doesn’t even own a computer.

Free to see Tibet: Foreign journalists were allowed into Tibet for a three-day reporting trip to see the country and speak with victims of violence. The only problem? They’re being escorted by China. (Upshot: the breathtaking lead sandwiches in their sack lunches!)

Group plan: Why does the fogey rock band Gov’t Mule have a better health plan than us?

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