Cavalli Plus Vodka Equals ‘Sexy Time’


It’s no secret that such cash-strapped luminaries as teetotaler Donald Trump and late-night relic Ed McMahon have turned to hawking vodka to make a little extra cash on the side. But at least one celebrity distiller, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, has his heart in the right place. “I make the vodka because I like having sexy times with the sexy ladies,” the designer tells Radar.

Last night the leopard-print-obsessed fashionista hosted a fete for Roberto Cavalli Vodka at his Manhattan showroom, where he matched the macho to the getup: black silk shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel, a black cross necklace studded with diamonds resting on the flesh of his tan, hairless chest. “The vodka is actually inspired from my fashion, but I hope the fashion isn’t inspired from the vodka,” he adds, before pausing a moment to reconsider. “Though maybe I should drink more.”

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