McCain Re-shuffles Race Cards


It’s getting nastier all the time: The McCain campaign is pissed because Barack Obama doesn’t look like those other presidents in your wallet, and because Obama’s saying as much. “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It’s divisive, negative, shameful, and wrong,” reads the awkward, fairly desperate statement.

One for each: Both Rob Lowe and one of the ex-nannies suing him, Jessica Gibson, claimed victory in court Thursday after a judge tossed out one of each of their allegations.

China says relax-ed: After everyone freaked out, China seems to have relaxed restrictions on Internet access for journalists covering the Olympics.

JUST CLICK ALREADY! IT’S FRIDAY, YOU COULD USE SOME MORE: Wal-Mart votes McCain; new power pills; a drug-bustin’ turtle; a trippy dolphin; and Snoop’s dogs busted for weed!

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