Obama’s Rise a Kennedy Clan Conspiracy

  • In his speech following the official endorsements of Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama admitted openly for the first time that his father was able to come to this country and impregnate his mother by virtue of some assistance from then-Senator John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy Foundation. Barack found out from his Kenyan grandmother that JFK offered Barack’s father assistance with getting into an American college, and the foundation provided him (and other Kenyan students) traveling expenses to attend university, proving that the centuries-old plan to bring Barack Obama to power in 2008 was given a great push by this country’s first Catholic president more than a generation ago. Meaning, of course, that this conspiracy runs deeper, and is more insidious, than initially thought. Keep your eyes peeled for Freemasons at his speeches. They’ve got to be all over this shit.

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