Oligarch Starts New Year’s With a Bang

B.Y.O.HO Byblos, Prokhorov (inset)

Mark your calendars for Saturday night! On January 13, Russians celebrate the grand finale of “Old New Years,” the culmination of a fortnight of winter bacchanalia that kicked off on January 1. How did your average oligarch celebrate? By raising a tumbler of vodka to 2007 in an Icelandic “ice castle” with Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, and Whitney Houston, of course.

And then there’s Mikhail Prokhorov—the 89th richest man in the world—who decided to ring in the Old New Year at the Hotel Byblos in Courcheval the old-fashioned way: with 16 fresh-faced consorts. The ballsy move led to a prostitution raid on the tony lodge this week.

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