Republicans Having Doubts About Wisdom Of “We’re All Whiny Crybabies” Strategy

“WE’RE A BUNCH OF GIGANTIC PUSSIES” House Minority Leader John Boehner

Mindful of the way that Minority Leader John Boehner‘s rationale for the Republican rejection of the bailout—they voted against it because a speech by Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings—makes them look like a bunch of gigantic pussies, House Republicans are clamoring to join the Not A Gigantic Pussy caucus. The first three members: Arizona’s John Shadegg (a “stupid claim”), California’s Darrell Issa (“nonsense”), and Michele Bachmann (you may remember Rep. Bachmann as the woman who shamelessly pretended that Sarah Palin‘s eBay savvy qualified her for the presidency; if she could say that with a straight face but the lie about Pelosi was too much to swallow, what does it tell you about just how embarrassing the claim is proving to be?) of Minnesota. How many more Republicans will decide that they don’t want to be identified as a gigantic pussy before the day is done? Stay tuned. [Politico]

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