Republicans Finally Get Rid of Hillary


Make that 21,503: Hillary Clinton and two other members of Congress are set to spend Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Iraq. And that’s okay with John McCain.

Mmm, mesquite Bush: President Bush, on the other hand, spends part of his weekend getting grilled on 60 Minutes. Correspondent Scott Pelley does the grilling.

Model Congress: Instead of banning excessively skinny models from working Fashion Week in New York, as was done in Milan (and Madrid), the Council of Fashion Designers of America recommends that “models with eating disorders seek treatment … and smoking and alcohol be banned.”

To the extreme: Record-low temperatures hit L.A. this weekend; Oklahoma City, the Texas Panhandle, and Missouri are about to be bombarded by “one-in-maybe-15-to-25-year” ice storm; and we here in the Tri-State haven’t really had a winter. Translation: we’re all gonna die.

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