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Gay-Porny Rep Price Skips Away


Sexy time: Page-lovin’ State Rep. Richard Curtis resigns, saying, “while I believe we’ve done some good and helped a lot of people during the time I served in the Legislature, events that have recently come to light have hurt a lot of people.” His bio is promptly pulled from the House Republicans’ website.

Writer’s block: Hollywood studios and screenwriters deadlock in talks aimed to prevent the writer’s strike. The Writer’s Guild says “every issue that matters to writers … has been ignored. This is completely unacceptable.” Grey’s Anatomy fans suffer panic attacks.

No pressure: After he inspires contest-winning Halloween costumes across the nation, Senate Republicans back off pressuring Larry Craig to resign.

Out in the open: To stymie the rumor mill and prove to everyone that he’s off the drugs, Owen Wilson has a new open-door policy with bathroom stall doors.

Can’t buy her love: Paul McCartney‘s mono-pod ex and Dancing With the Stars alum Heather Mills breaks down on British TV, compares the media’s treatment of her to that of, ahem, Princess Di.