Remembrances of Week’s Past


Hey, remember the time …

• That matchmaking service tried to pair rich guys and gorgeous women?

• Gucci went gaga for skiwear?

Rupert Murdoch dumped Hillary Clinton?

• Fox News Channel tried to ape The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

Jamie Foxx was a doctor and handed out free medicine?

• AMI chief David Pecker said Star was staying in New York?

Paris Hilton got caught naked and that guy was covered in blow?

• A body language expert deciphered George Bush‘s body language at the State of the Union address?

Scott Baio lost his virginity to a sofa?

• A New York Times reporter left her sensitive notes behind?

Jenna Bush pretended to write a book?

• That book about Bob Dylan and Twyla Tharp‘s The Times They Are A-Changin’ was quietly cancelled?

• People speculated on the identity of homophonic crooner Donnie Davies? And then the guy they fingered denied it?

Brad Grey tried to win an Oscar any-which-way?

Jon Peters was honored by the Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Youth Foundation?

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