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Did the Veep Lose His Heat?


Remember when Dick Cheney was a sex symbol? Oh, sure, he’s had a tough week. First, he stood by his refusal to hand over classified documents to the National Archives, using the incredibly lame excuse that he isn’t part of the executive branch. For this, Democrats called him out, declaring that they’ll cut off his congressional funds unless he acknowledges where his office resides—Rep. Rahm Emanuel is now moving forward with that plan, even though Cheney now says he’s not actually a member of the Senate, either.

But there was once a time when a sizable number of people not only respected the veep, but also when many women found him to be, well, sexually attractive. Back when Bush and Cheney were first running for the White House in 2000, a number of ladies started a group named “Cheney Chicks,” with a message board devoted to the man they found to be such an incredible hunk. The proof after the jump …