Regan Books Gets Remaindered


In a development that wasn’t hard to see coming, HarperCollins is disbanding
the imprint started by ousted publisher Judith Regan. The
News Corp.-owned book company announced this afternoon that Regan Books will
be temporarily renamed “HC” before being dismantled and integrated into its parent company later this year, reports AP.

Regan herself was fired in December following the pulping of If I Did It, a “novel” by O.J. Simpson hypothetically describing the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman. She quickly promised to get back at News Corp., which let her go amid accusations of anti-Semitism, with a wrongful termination suit. That has yet to materialize, but today Court TV’s website revealed that Regan Books had contracted to pay Simpson at least $1 million, despite promises that he would not personally profit from the deal.

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