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Actual Abduction Derails Affleck Flick

DO THE RIGHT THING Afflecks(Photo: Getty Images)

A real-life child abduction has derailed Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone in the UK.

At the Cinema Society premiere Tuesday in Manhattan, Ben Affleck supported Miramax’s decision to table the movie in England for the time being. “It was really the right call to make,” the actor said. “There’s not much else you can do in this situation except hope for the best and try not to add to the drama.”

Affleck’s directorial debut is about a private detective, played by Casey “the talented one” Affleck, who scours Boston’s mean streets in search of a four-year-old girl who’s been abandoned by her crackhead mom (Amy Ryan). While their plight unfolds on celluloid, one can’t be helped but to think of three-year-old Madeleine McCann, the English girl who went missing while vacationing with her parents in Portugal in May. The four-year-old actress in Gone Baby Gone‘s real name is Madeline O’Brien—and she’s nearly the doppelganger of missing Madeleine.

Casey Affleck also got behind the studio at the after-party in a penthouse at the Soho Grand Hotel. “I feel great about it. I don’t want to do anything to interfere with their investigation,” he told reporters.

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