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New York’s Top Cop Loves Him Some Kindle


What sort of reader uses Kindle? Here’s one New Yorker’s testimonial:

I looked forward to reading Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars while I waited. It’s one of 10 unabridged titles I downloaded in recent weeks onto my Amazon “Kindle,” the electronic reader where I’ve already stored Bob Woodward, Tom Sowell, and Tom Friedman among others. With the Kindle, which is a fraction of the size of real book, you can take your library with you anywhere, including all those places where you might otherwise kill time empty-handed–waiting rooms, airport terminals, cabs, you name it. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times automatically download each night. For anyone who needs or wants to keep abreast of the news and all things literary, Kindle quickly becomes indispensable

And that man is Ray Kelly, commissioner of the NYPD! You know, between the Kindles, the Segways, and the Tasers, New York City may have the most high-tech police department in the world.