Radar Celebrates Itself!


There’s a poster in Radar Editor in Chief Maer Roshan‘s office that shows a cockroach holding an issue of the magazine above the words “HARD TO KILL.” It’s a pointed reminder that, if you believe in something strongly enough to fight for it, even the doubts and barbs of skeptics and naysayers can’t keep you from making your dream a reality. It is in no small part because of Maer’s tenacity that the magazine, now in its third iteration, has survived and flourished and is now a nominee for a National Magazine Award in the prestigious General Excellence category.

Of course awards are nice, but nothing really matches the satisfaction of working hard each day to put out a product that you’re proud to be a part of, and we’ll continue to repeat that sentiment unless we win, in which case we’re going to be totally cocky and arrogant. Anyway, congratulations to us, and everyone who believed in us, and readers like yourself who are smart enough to take part in this fine publication. If you’re not a subscriber, you should totally become one now, so you can tell people you were getting the magazine “before all the awards and stuff.”

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