The Second Coming of Rachel Zoe


Much like the boho charms and skinny jeans she famously slaps onto her clients, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig—ehrm, drop the Rosenzweig—was at first very in, then very out, and is now simply tolerated as an unavoidable Hollywood fixture. But wait! Recent developments show that Zoe, like a filly racing up from behind (and not on horse tranquilizers), is gaining momentum again. With Rosario Dawson and the New York Times newly on her side, she’s making a valiant run at a second coming.

Zoe’s decline began in November 2006, when Nicole Richie, her top client and close friend, suddenly dropped her. “Nicole didn’t trust Rachel anymore,” a source told Us Weekly of the affair. While Zoe managed to hold onto A-list clients Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, she found herself dogged by rumors of distributing clenbuterol (aka equine steroids), promoting anorexia among her girls, and by blogs flooded with disparaging posts about her already aged and frail appearance at 35.

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