The First Time In A Long Time We’ve Been Excited About Tarantino


Crazy bastard: New York magazine has the (maybe) script for Quentin Tarantino‘s still-unfunded new movie, Inglorious Bastards, which misspells the word bastard in every instance and looks a little bit like a suicide note. So far, we’re loving it.

Going mental, recession-wise</strong: Top John McCain economic adviser Sen. Phil Gramm referred to the recession in an interview yesterday as “mental” and called Americans “a nation of whiners.” (Fair!) As McCain scrambles, Barack Obama pounces.

Young Lohan single out today, kinda: The first track from burgeoning singer/performer Ali Lohan‘s in-the-works album was leaked to YouTube. If the response it has received thus far is any indication, maybe Ali should consider focusing on her reality TV career instead.

Turdblossom takes the day: Karl Rove says Barack Obama‘s campaign “has cribbed an awful lot from the Bush-Cheney playbooks of 2000 and 2004.” Like the winning part?

Channel surfing: Are you trying to tell me that a major television network (ABC), rather than shelling out hard-earned money, would rather get the programming they want for free—even if they have to steal it?

Happy ending, á la Twitter</strong: In April, American grad student James Karl Buck helped free himself from an Egyptian jail using his cell phone to post a one word twitter blog post. Three months later and with the help of thousands of supporters, his translator Mohammed Maree was finally freed today!

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