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PUMA Leader: “We’re As Anti-Obama As Ever”

BABY COME BACK Object of PUMA affection

Remember the PUMAs? Those militant Hillary Clinton supporters—the ones who were so fired up when McCain chose Sarah Palin for his running mate—are still pissed off. They’re still saying “no deal” to Barack Obama, and still telling you where you can stick your worthless party unity. (Up your corrupt, sexist, hope-loving ass.)

Of course, recent events have set back PUMA concerns. In the wake of Wall Street’s economic meltdown, Obama has pulled ahead in key swing states, and Intrade now puts his chances of victory at better than 75 percent. What’s more, PUMA’s pant-suited queen of hearts recently told CBS news that her chances of running again are “probably zero.”

But Will Bower, co-founder and spokesman for puma08.com and Just Say No Deal assures Radar that he’s not deterred, and that the movement is not suffering from a lack of enthusiasm.