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Who Gave Money To Save California’s Gay Marriages?


The race to repeal California’s gay marriages is being fought with massive doses of cash. It’s an ad war, at this point—and while the gays are still winning, their lead is eroding. So far, the opposition to California’s Proposition 8 (which would define marriage as only that between a man and a woman) has only received donations from around 30,000 people. Which, if you consider how many gays there are in California—somewhere around a million?—is totally nuts. (Although, there are poor gays, too, ya know!) As of September 30th, they’d raised $17,332,254. The proponents of Prop 8 had, by then, raised $7 million more than that—and nearly half of that total came from Mormons! Surely there are more gays than Mormons? In any event, currently, the pro-gay-marriage side says they’re raising between $500,000 and a million a day—although the numbers reported each day to the Secretary of State don’t quite bear that out. So who’s giving? By which we mean: who’s not giving? By which we mean: Whose fault will it be if the gays of California can no longer wed?