Project Runway: Stella Au Revoir

Sent back to her leh-thuh and beloved Ratbones, Stella was asked to pack her workspace and go, as Project Runway fans across America died just a little bit more. We all knew this day would come, but it seemed like Kenley might have been first, based solely on the amount of camera time she received and how many tears she shed. Alas, it was our rock-and-roll queen.

In a 180-degree turn from last week’s car-parts challenge, this week the designers were asked to create a look for fashion’s legendary Diane von Furstenberg. Taken on a field trip to her Meat Packing District store/headquarters, contestants met DVF in person (cue first signs of Kenley’s breakdown) and were asked to create a look for her fall collection based on Marlene Dietrich’s character in A Foreign Affair. In a sublime departure from the normal visit to Mood, contestants were given 15 minutes in von Furstenberg’s personal fabric closet, which understandably gave just about everyone a complete fabric boner—except Kenley, who let forth with the waterworks.

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