Project Runway: Ricky Lives to Sew Another Day


That’s it, show—you’ve crossed the line. Despite his inability to design anything that’s not a variation on the baby-doll dress and his penchant for funky thrift-store hats that assault the senses, crybaby Ricky managed to avoid elimination yet again. The challenge this week involved designing high-fashion avant garde pieces followed by last-minute ready-to-wear versions of those pieces, and Ricky’s team didn’t really go avant garde so much as Marie Antoinette—close, but no baguette.

Two teams managed to make appropriate use of the challenge—undercover bitches Victorya and Jillian made passive-aggressive music together and designed a rather kickass ’80s dominatrix look, complete with a flowing black trench coat and a ready-to wear version simplified to a great cocktail dress. Christian and Chris, easily the most entertaining pair, created a humongous ruffle gown out of 45 yards of fabric.

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