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Project Runway Loser, Celebs Shill for Starbucks


Starbucks entered the fashion biz today with theannouncement thatyou—just like your favorite caffeine-addledcelebs!—will now be able to declare your favorite drinks to the worldvia Project Runway alumnus Mychael Knight‘s “MyStarbucks” T-shirts. Call it confirmation of your darkest suspicions thatall those photos of waifish stars with venti Frappuccinos glued to theirpaws are part of some sinister marketing scheme.

The coffee monolith roped in a slew of celebs (and that guy from The Biggest Loser) by sending them shirts proclaiming their fave overpriced pick-me-ups to the world.

Did you know, for example, that Jessica Biel is “a grande cappuccino fanatic,” or that Hayden Panettiere can’t get enough of “tall vanilla chai tea lattes”? Or that if you want to cozy up to Elijah Wood, you should just buy him “an iced venti no-water Americano”?

Forget giving away pricey designer duds. Apparently, all it takes to get a B-Lister to pimp your brand these days is a free T-shirt.