Project Runway: The Hershey Episode


Tim Gunn channeled a wispy Willy Wonka this week as Project Runway‘s product placement sunk to new lows—designers were taken to the Hershey Store in Times Square and told to create garments from whatever they could find. Yeah, seriously. Despite a Hershey rep’s insistence on saying the word “sweet” an inordinate number of times, this challenge was pretty okay and produced one of the more enjoyable, if thin, episodes this season.

Most of the designers chose to play it safe and used pillows and stuffed bears as materials. Despite the nature of the challenge, Jillian was the only one smart enough to use actual candy for her design, so to the producers’ tangible dismay, she obviously wasn’t going anywhere. The majority of the episode was devoted to Jillian‘s comic attempts to make Twizzlers into a dress and corset. (Is there anything licorice can’t do?)

Also featured was what we might lovingly, or at least amusingly, refer to as The Passion of Elisa … if by passion you’ll permit us to mean crazy. And oh yes did Elisa deliver the crazy.

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