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Project Runway Flunks High School


In the wake of adolescents like Kid Nation‘s Taylor and the rich little bitches on My Super Sweet 16, it’s becoming increasingly popular for network executives to mine children for drama, as if it’s somehow more exciting (WRONG! It’s depressing!) when kids act like their idiotic adult counterparts. This week, Project Runway jumped on the bandwagon and rolled a group of high schoolers down the catwalk.

The challenge, a cheap version of the show’s traditional evening wear task, was to design a prom dress. Relatively hard to do when you’re dealing with a night with tackier dresses than the now-kaput Golden Globes, especially when said night is taking place at a high school in Jersey. Most of the contestants received agreeable girls—except as per usual, Runway went knock, knock, knockin’ on karma’s door this week and delivered straight-as-Details Kevin and resident “ooh, girl” finger-snapper Christian with their worst nightmares.