Project Runway: Did You Even Know That It’s Over?


Can you blame Jennifer Lopez for inexplicably bowing out of her Project Runway finale-judging duties because of a foot injury? It’s like the most genius get-out-of-P.E. excuse since P.E. was invented. The show’s admittedly been a tough pill to swallow all season, and maybe Jen was watching and thinking fire this asshole publicist for signing me up in the first place! We survived by repeating a small adage we learned in our first year of college: Lower your standards and it’s harder to be disappointed.

And in the end … it wasn’t terrible! The collections in the first all-woman final were relatively pretty, in their own ways. But I mean, someone had to win, right? Do you care at all? No? What if we were to say there was a giant lesbian outro, where the winner got awesomely lezzed by each and every woman loser of past seasons? Then would you keep reading?

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