Project Runway Ends

OK, BYE Christian, your victor

As expected, Christian was announced as this season’s winner on last night’s Project Runway. Early on he seemed poised to become this year’s villain, but in a season sorely lacking in designers with a personality, Christian quickly became the front-runner. His victory does however mark the first time a winning designer’s clothes aren’t exactly wearable. Clearly nobody but self-proclaimed, misguided fashionistas will don Christian’s ruffled-out designs anytime soon.

As beautiful as Rami’s designs were, the fact remains that he couldn’t contain his compulsive draping—an addiction not unlike Christian’s inability to stop saying the word “fierce.” For her part, Jillian presented a collection that was singularly wearable, but was at the same time resoundingly boring. The only interesting thing she did was have a minor meltdown, which, in a rather drawn out Bree-from-Desperate Housewives-way, was less amusing than it should have been.

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