Project Runway: Winner to Be Decided Zoolander-Style

“YOU’RE ALL LOUSY” Heidi (Photo: Bravo)

At the close of last night’s horrendous episode of Project Runway—seriously, the clothes were crap, everyone was weeping all damn night—the judges were unable to decide who should be sent home. Because, seriously, the clothes were all crap. So they decided that everyone’s safe for the moment, and that in the next go-round there will be the time-tested and Heidi Klum-approved fashion equivalent of a pistols at dawn: it’s a walk-off, everybody!

To recap: For their final challenge Tim Gunn brought the last designers standing—Jerell, Kenley, Korto, and Leanne—to the New York Botanical Garden to create an evening gown inspired by flowers. Everyone snapped a lot of pictures and Leanne got chased by some bees. Then everyone went to Mood for their fabric, where Kenley forgot her bag of tulle. Of course, Jerell and Korto wouldn’t share their extras on account of Kenley being a bitch all the time. So Tim Gunn allowed her to go back and get it. You can see how lame this is all becoming?

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