Prison Chic

HI, MOM: I’M IN JAIL Abramoff

Abramoff to the slammer: Former Republican super-lobbyist and Dick Tracy wardrobe-raider Jack Abramoff has checked into his new home for the next six years: A federal prison in Cumberland, Maryland.

Also going to the hoosegow: James Barker, who pleaded guilty to the rape of an Iraqi girl and the murder of her family in March. Barker was one of four soldiers accused in the attack.

Cellies! Another Enron executive, Richard Causey, is headed to jail. What is all this? Viral marketing for Let’s Go to Prison?

Write your own joke here: Sacha Baron Cohen is bringing Borat, his anti-Semitic Kazakh character to Israel. At least he’s not going to jail…. Yet.

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