Young Anachronism Performs Esoteric Ceremony As Girlfriend Looks On


Things from England!

William looked fetching, if mildly embarrassed, as he walked in procession with other members of the royal family and a phalanx of Knights Companion, all dressed in blue velvet mantle, garter on left leg and over-the-top hat of ostrich and heron feathers. At least it made a change from all those pictures of William in assorted military uniforms we have seen recently. Kate, as an invited guest, was dressed in plain black, with a vast black straw hat tipped forward to cover her face. She watched the procession from the Galilee Porch on the side of the chapel with Prince Harry.

We have no idea what any of this means, but we understand that a number of you are fascinated with Britain’s Prince William, his girlfriend Kate Middleton, and bizarre costumery, so click through to watch the whole incomprehensible thing. As for us, we now understand what Michelle Obama meant when she said she was finally proud of America.

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