Pot Belly Harry

<span class="imagecaption"HARRIED Radcliffe
Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was apparently utterly unself-conscious when he hit the London stage, naked, in Peter Shaffer’s Equus, the tale of a disturbed boy who rapes horses, but the play’s imminent move to Broadway may be making the thespian a bit nervous about his physique. According to sources, “Dan’s feeling really self-conscious about his pot belly. He’s putting a lot of pressure on himself to be in peak condition.”

In his quest for a Big Apple–ready six-pack, Radcliffe has taken to swimming laps and lifting weights, cutting back on carbs, and is only drinking alcohol on weekends to prep for the throngs of tween girls now plotting to steer their parents away from Legally Blonde: The Musical to get a look at the boy wizard in the buff instead. And Radcliffe, of course, wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans.

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