Radar’s Whitney Houston Auction Wish List

BEDAZZLING Jeweled bustier—spectacular when viewed on crack

Today’s a special day for anyone with a few grand to burn, a TiVo permanently set to record E! True Hollywood Story, and a gaping hole in their collection of diva memorabilia. It’s the much-covered Whitney Houston crap auction! Find bargain basement prices on everything from road-ready wardrobe cases and the clothes that filled them to antique slot machines and Bobby Brown‘s various throwaway music awards.

But wait! As if sifting through a fallen songstress’s digital swap meet weren’t enough, surely at least one lucky buyer will find a crack rock, a hardened, sweat-soaked old eight ball, or—if he’s really lucky—a doody bubble stashed away in some of this gear.

[Gallery of Radar‘s own wish list from the auction after the jump!]

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