Pondering the Week That Was


A week of questions, great and small:

• Are skinny women causing subway delays?

• How little is too little when it comes to selling your magazine?

• What kind of flowers do you send when you skip your legendary friend’s funeral?

• Where do over-the-hill models go for work?

• Who leaked the dubious details of Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume‘s alleged affair?

• Why does Pat Robertson even listen to God?

• Does the ‘S’ in ‘Harvard’ really stand for Sex?

• Where will your dentist be spending his next vacation?

• Who looked good at Gerald Ford’s funeral?

• How does Alec Baldwin treat his special ladies?

• Why is the New York Times obsessed with facial hair?

• Did Vince Vaughn make good on threats of lawsuits?

• Should you even bother having kids?

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