Clintons Popped in Tony Rezko Photo Op

SLUMMIN’ Clintons, Rezko (center)

Clintons just as scummy as Obama: Days after harping on Barack‘s ties to indicted Illinois fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a photo emerges of Bill and Hillary posing with the alleged extortionist.

Chew on this: Why do celebs, from Naomi Campbell to Sean Penn, love hanging with cuddly despot Hugo Chavez? Maybe it’s the yummy coca paste he’s always holding.

Not OK!: Jessica Simpson calls in the lawyers after OK! magazine claims Tony Romo dumped her and that sister Ashlee is keeping away. Your move, John Mayer.

Quel dommage: Jérôme Kerviel, a midlevel French bank employee, loses $7.2 billion dollars in the largest fraud in history by a rogue trader.

Not just the six of them?: Maybe, just maybe, Angie and Brad are preggers with twins. OMG! This could possibly be big. Huge!

Justice prevails: Poopy blogger Perez Hilton successfully defends himself in a defamation lawsuit brought by Lilo special pal Samantha Ronson, scoring $85K for his lawyers’ troubles.

Wolfie’s back: Former World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz appointed chairman of the International Security Advisory Board. No word yet on how he’ll meld arms control with his dating life.

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