Peter Frampton Comes Alive For Obama

While conservatives are accusing Barack Obama of stealing the election, it seems that some conservatives are also stealing Obama.

Songwriter/rocker Peter Frampton has been plagued by thieves who have been pilfering the Obama signs from his Ohio home.

(History lesson: Once upon a time, in a decade called the 1970s, there was an album called “Frampton Comes Alive” and it played over and over and over in rooms that smelled like burning hemp, or something like that, we’re not really sure, we can’t remember a whole lot but hey, we think we remember someone eating brownies…)

Frampton’s home is in Indian Hill, a predominantly Republican suburb of Cincinnati.

However, the 58-old British Frampton is outraged at this infringement of his rights, since he became a U.S. citizen in order to vote.

To combat this plundering of his property, Frampton has installed a video camera to catch the culprits.

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