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Will British Accents Save Reality TV?

IMPORTED CHEESE (from left) Jordan, Harvey, Peter

The new wave of British culture sweeping across the U.S. has already brought us stoned pop stars, crass alcoholics, and, of course, nesting footballers. Now E! announces the chav-tastic answer to Chaotic Britney and Kevin.

In a gushing press release, the network announces its plans to air the hit UK reality series Katie and Peter, which follows the life of “glamour model” and lowbrow novelist Katie Price (aka “Jordan,” the busty Playboy persona that made her famous) and her cheeseball pop-singer husband Peter Andre.

But don’t we have enough homegrown TV whores to watch?

None like Jordan/Katie—not since Anna Nicole died, anyway. And, really, if a woman is an ex-Playboy model with a fake DD rack, a partially blind son rumored to be the result of her hard partying whilst preggers, and a fey husband that makes Ryan Seacrest look like Jack Palance, does it matter if she has a funny accent?

After the jump, a checklist of reasons why Katie and Peter will translate just fine as trashy American must-see TV …