Perez Looks Back on Castro Scoop

EYES WIDE SHUT Perez (Photo: Getty Images)
As we head full force into 2008, it should be known that Perez Hilton is holding fast to his delusions of yesteryear. At a New Year’s eve party Perez hosted with dirt-‘stached Kid Rock at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan Monday night, Radar caught up with the blogger and asked him about his claims that Cuban leader Fidel Castro had in fact died back in August. In light of the fact that this is almost certainly not true, Hilton still maintains his suspicions. Is there still hope for his conspiracy dreams? Or did Perez, like most everyone else before him (Radar certainly included), simply make a mistake? He’s not saying for sure …

Any regret about your Fidel Castro death claims?
“I was certain that it was true. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’m not 100 percent sure now that he’s alive.”

And who made you believe these claims to be true?
“Government sources.”

Why do you have government sources?
“Well, because I am me.”


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