Perez Commenters Ready Mutiny


Could it be Perez Hilton‘s loyal minions are finally tiring of his prima donna bitch-shtick?

While the celebrity blogger’s well-hyped television debut on VH1 has so far been a critical and commercial success, things aren’t going so well for him over on sister station MTV. And following his last-place showing on the network’s Celebrity Rap Superstar (prompting this amusing hissy fit), the once devote legion of commenters on his website have taken to bashing the over-stuffed celebrity blogger with more verve than usual.

Insults tend to center around Perez either being 1) fat, or 2) gay, but our favorite is No. 270, courtesy of commenter ror$chach: “whoa. talk about a backlash. what’s that ticking noise? oh, it’s just the alarm clock counting down perez’s 15 minutes.”

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