Tabs Thank Paul Newman For Never Doing Very Much For Them


In case you didn’t hear, sometime between several major bank failures and stock market base jumps, legendary actor, philanthropist, and guy on the salad-dressing bottle Paul Newman died of lung cancer at age 83 over the weekend. Thanks to Turner Classic Movies, we’ve been catching up on Newman’s films and, well, it’s all sad, sad, sad. But what we found especially interesting is the way the weeklies covered, or barely covered, Newman’s passing. A tabloid thought puzzle: If Paul Newman dies and the weeklies don’t write about, does Britney Spears fall in the forest? Yeah, we know.

People makes Newman’s death the cover, because, you know, it’s People and your mom has a subscription and she is incapable of completing any sort of sentence about the actor without mentioning “those blue eyes.” Still, good for you, People!

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