Paul McCartney’s Adulterous Rebound

LOVE ME DO Macca, Shevell

Macca will mack: Paul McCartney is caught in the Hamptons smooching Nancy Shevell, the wife of a millionaire New York Metropolitain Transit Authority board member. Rumor has it the affair has been going on for months.

Like a theater virgin: Jessica Alba is being considered for a part in David Mamet‘s Speed-the-Plow on Broadway—a role that fueled thespian rumors about Madonna some 20 years ago.

Fab fight: George Clooney and Fabio face off at a restaurant in L.A. Friday after Clooney mistakes one of Fabio’s pals for a pap. Fabio allegedly tells Clooney to “stop being such a diva,” the men start shoving, waiters break them up, and Fabio’s manager caps it all off by saying, “George was lucky he didn’t end up in the ER.”

Mischievous military men: The military may make it easier for minor criminals to join the ranks, a move likely to bolster the “Gangs of Iraq.”

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