Patrick Dempsey Smells Like Avon, Has-Been Blooming

MCFRAGRANCE Dempsey, inset: perfume bottle (Photo: Getty Images)

One day—and it’s not going to be very long from now—when we chronicle the untimely demise of Patrick Dempsey‘s career, this will probably be near the top of the list: Earlier in the week, Avon announced the debut of a new signature men’s fragrance created with the television doctor. Dempsey made a multi-year deal with the pink Cadillac cosmetics company back in May, but now things are really starting to smell.

The fragrance is called Unscripted and uses the tagline “Follow Your Passion.” It will launch this November, just in time for you to drop $32 if you lack imagination but still need a Christmas gift for that special guy in your life. Dempsey says “Unscripted is about loving what you do and doing it in your own unique way.” It’s also probably about making some extra cash.

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