Barbie À La Patricia Field

pat fields-thumb.jpg

It’s finally official: The only remaining Barbie fans are effusively extravagant gay men and Emmy Award-winning Sex and the City designer Patricia Field.

Field hosted a launch party for her new Barbie collection at her Bowery Street store last night, and the doll’s wholesome feeling was suspiciously missing. The store, draped in pink curtains and pink balloons, was packed with Field’s friends, business partners, and more drag queens than the cocaine stall in the backstage bathroom of a Scissor Sisters concert. There was fishnet and eyeliner at every turn. There was a mannequin jumping out of a cake in a leopard-print halter dress and pink feather boa. Not exactly your take on America’s fabled plaything? How about a lounging blonde in red high heels straddling a golden carousel pole? No? You embarrass yourselves.

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