Partisan Hack Asserts Need For Non-Partisan Non-Hacks

Culture warrior Bill O’Reilly took a break from tearing the Internet a new one this morning to sit down with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts. Bill-O tried to position himself an everyman, wishing like hell Washington would “stop with the ideology” and “look out for the folks.” It’s a refreshing opinion that O’Reilly would do well to follow. Just this past July the falafel-loving commentator was blasting “liberals” for destroying America’s economy and a month earlier he railed against the “liberal fascists [who] want to silence Fox.”

Whatever, pointing out Bill-O’s hypocrisy is a never-ending task. What we should focus on is that absurd title to his memoir: A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. He says it’s something a nun called him when he was nine years old, but we suspect he changed one of the words. Because if anyone could cause a holy woman to call someone a “bold fresh piece of shit,” it’s Bill-O.

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